Fundy Coastal Drive

Miles 167
Endpoints U.S. border in Saint Stephen, NB 114 in Sussex
Surface Paved

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Fundy Coastal Drive 4.00/5 (1 Review )

  • Fundy Coastal Drive

    Aug 3, 2023

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    Started off in St Andrews with 59 degrees and foggy.

    We were still drunk off yesterday's sunshine so forgot to check the weather report. See more later.

    2 deer eating grass at the Inn, 2 more in town, and another just outside of town on NB 127.

    The sun came out (well kinda, we could see a patch of blue sky) when we got on CN 1.

    Had a little miscommunication with the Harley GPS, so missed St George and the falls.

    Ended up getting off at the next exit which was also NB 175 and Lepreau Falls didn't disappoint.

    On to NB 790 and Dipper Harbour. Couldn't see much due to fog. Road was in fairly good shape. they had sealed the cracks. However, they took the extra step of scraping off the excess so you did not get the slide effect.

    Back to CN 1. My GPS asked me to take an exit that was temporarily closed. I think there was a new ride stop on the east side of CN 1 and then would have taken us to Reversing Falls. We had been there so proceeded to the next exit.

    We were familiar with the next exit, but were somewhere between why are we going this way and what's Ed got up his sleeve. Hillcrest Rd to NB 111 was a nice detour, although still fogged in.

    NB 825 was in horrible shape. Definitely don't go if it's fogged in. Turns out there is a gravel pit half way around and the trucks are continuous. Then the rain started. Remember that part about not checking the weather.

    Got quite wet on the way to the Sea Caves. Just fog rain, it'll stop. Nope! Turns out one little cell nailed us.

    Nice fish & chips and chowder at The Caves Restaurant. FYI, the water had reached the cave about 2 hours prior to high tide.

    How were the road conditions at the time you RECENTLY rode?

    Very Good - minor imperfections