Oxford Hills Loop

Miles 136
Ride Time 3:30 w/o stops
Endpoints U.S. 202 in Manchester, U.S. 202 in Manchester
Surface Paved
Submitted By Rory McQuillan

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Nice central to western Maine/Oxford Hills loop. Rivers, lakes, Mountain Views. Stopping places include Cabin Masters in Manchester, Norway Brewing Company and Smokin Dave’s Meats, also in Norway. This is a ride from the Maine Capital area through the Oxford Hills and back. All roads are paved, although the section of Greenwood Road beside Twitchell Pond and South Pond is usually rough.

Lunch is at Smoking Dave’s Backyard BBQ

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Oxford Hills Loop 5.00/5 (1 Review )

  • Oxford Hills Loop

    Oct 30, 2021

    • Rider Rating

    I’d give this 5 stars as a Maine route, 4 for New England wide.   Although it begins and ends a stone’s throw from Maine’s Capitol, it quickly hits the back roads and heads for the hills - the Oxford Hills.   Although you will skip through a couple of small villages, the only municipal area actually ridden through is South Paris/Norway, where there are a variety of eating establishments and some notable architecture.   Dave’s Smoked Meats serves some excellent BBQ in an old Victorian home.  The twisty bits encountered along the way are among the best Maine has to offer, although, in typical New England fashion, they never last as long as we’d like.  Most of the route has been paved in the last couple of years, and quite a bit of it this year (2021).   You will pass by lots of lakes, including right on the edge of some scenic ponds in the western portion of the loop, and you’ll cross the Androscoggin River a couple of times, and follow it for several miles on the South Rumford Road and the Canton Point Road.  You’ll even go through the town where Leon Leonwood Bean grew up - don’t blink!

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