US 50 NV (Loneliest Road)

Miles 324
Endpoints US 50A in Fallon, Utah border
Surface Paved
Submitted By Steve Gallant

NER Notes

This road may be an acquired taste for those not used to, or ready to appreciate the vast empty space that will surround you for the better part of a day. But it is a unique and majestic ride. You may not see another car for 100 miles.

Arrow-straight for many stretches, US 50 crosses over several smaller mountain ranges on the trip across Nevada, providing some backdrop and a few breaks to lean into. There are a few towns along the way, and worth stopping in, but they are far between, so fill up when fuel is handy. Classic desert ride.

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  • US 50 NV (Loneliest Road)
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US 50 NV (Loneliest Road) 4.00/5 (1 Review )

  • US 50 NV (Loneliest Road)

    Jan 19, 2022

    • Rider Rating

    ThisĀ  is a grip-it-and-space-out kind of ride, at times like riding through an alien landscape. This one is about the experience of feeling small out in the great desert wilderness.

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    Very Good - minor imperfections