VT 100

Miles 213
Endpoints VT 105 in Newport, Mass border at Stamford
Surface Paved

NER Notes

Iconic motorcycling road running the length of Vermont north to south. Lots of curvy sections interspersed with classic Vermont pastoral scenery and small towns. Very popular tourist route, especially during foliage season, so try to run it during the week or off-season.

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  • VT 100
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VT 100 3.00/5 (1 Review )

  • VT 100

    Jul 10, 2022

    • Rider Rating

    Updates from Facebook on 2022-07-07

    VT 9 west from Brattleboro to Wilmington in under construction and won't be done for a while.  "A 2-year project that started in April 2022".

    "Not sure where you are coming from but Route 30 out of Brattleboro into Manchester Vt then Route 149 through Dorset is a nice ride over."

    "Another fun road on the outskirts of Dorset is Route 315. Runs through a bunch of farms towns with great twists and turns. It drops you out into Route 22 which you can use to head towards Lake George."


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