Wachusett-Ware Offroad Run

Miles 111
Ride Time Mt. Wachusett entrance w/o stops
Endpoints Mt. Wachusett in Princeton, MA 9 in Ware
Surface Unpaved
Unpaved road conditions can vary widely so please proceed with caution as conditions may have changed. Gates may be open or closed so ride cautiously. Treat private property with respect so that others may enjoy the ride.

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Mostly unpaved ride from Mt. Wachusett to Ware, MA

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  • Wachusett-Ware Offroad Run

    Jul 25, 2022

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    • Technical Difficulty

    Using the GPX tracks I rode this over the past weekend (July 2022).  It was a great set of dirt roads and winding pavement.  Good views and scenery.  I am guessing 40% dirt.  I was on a f850 GSA with Metzler Karoo 3s.  No issues with the dirt roads although there were mild sand and stone rocky surfaces.  After heavy rain, there could be washouts.  Note, there were 2 bridges out.  I do not have the locations, but I was able to route around and continue.

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